6 Things Moms can do While Nursing their Baby


Trust me, it’s not a joke! You can do a lot of things while nursing the baby. It may seem impossible and unmanageable and you might even think that I have no idea what I’m talking about. As a mother of 3 kids, I tell you with enough experience that juggling is a hidden talent of every mother. Although the odds are against the situation completely, I mean your hands are busy, you have the constraints of proper positioning and latching and on top of that you’re extremely tired and drained that all you want to do is to sit back, relax, scroll down your Instagram feed, catch up on the trending Netflix season and spend some bonding time with the little one. But that’s the time to kick the idleness out of the window and charge yourself to be more productive and prolific. Stimulate your milk production with herbal lactation supplements and yourself with a positive attitude!

Every breastfeeding mother can vouch for the fact that there is no time for them in the entire day to do anything. Always on the roll, mothers are literally only catching up with the deadlines and pressures. Exclusively feeding your little one means he/she will be spending ample time on your breasts, giving you a lot of idle time. Instead of spending that time doing mindless activities which only make you feel bad later is not the right way. Plan ahead, keep the essential things in your reach and become productive during this time even with the limitations of nursing. At first, all mothers love to play with the hair, hands and legs of the baby, but after a few weeks the nursing time starts to give you restlessness as you have so much going on in your mind.

This is the perfect time to master the skill of multitasking. Don’t feel lethargic and sluggish instead plan out and work on being more productive and active this time. Here are X such things you can do while nursing the baby.

   1. Make A To-Do-List

I love making to-do-lists, they stimulate me, motivate me and encourage me to tick all the boxes and conquer the day with a triumphant smile. The best time to make one’s while nursing the baby. No one is disturbing you, calling you or asking for your attention, you have some peaceful time on your plate so make sure you put it to a good use. No matter if you’re a housewife, career-driven woman or both, to-do-lists are the perfect way to inspire you to step up and do everything. Obviously, you have to keep the list doable otherwise those untick boxes will haunt you. So chug down your breastmilk supplements to fuel your milk supply and spend the time to prepare your day ahead.

   2.   Catch up on Friends or Family

New mothers have no spare time or any undivided attention the entire day. Even friends and family members start to make plans without you, stop calling you and not inviting you for sudden plans. It’s not done with a bad intent but new moms start to feel isolated and aloof, the best way to get a whiff of the current plans, call a friend and catch up on the missed time or may even plan a day out with them. Reliving the old memories and getting in on the latest buzz will make you feel fresh all charged up. It’s also a great time to return to calls, WhatsApp messages and check on emails. Make sure to take herbal lactation supplements and get all set for nursing while catching up on missed time.

   3.   Eat a Snack and Get Hydrated

Breastfeeding time is the best time to give yourself a treat that you don’t have to share with anyone else in the home. Prepare a healthy delicious snack before nursing time, keep it handy on the place where you will feed and unwind. There are so many amazing options for healthy snacks nowadays like banana chips, oatmeal cookies, protein or granola bars, muesli and flax or chia seed meals. You can always pair it up with herbal lactation treats, breastmilk supplements like teas, cookies or smoothies to get the best of both worlds. You can also drink water or chamomile tea to further initiate the relaxing and soothing process.

   4.  Book Reading Time

I don’t know about you but book reading has been an important part in my life and I have always found my comfort, solace and rejuvenation in it. If you’re not into book reading, you can always read magazines, articles, news to get updated about the rest of the world. It’s also a great time to read parenting books, blog posts about different nursing problems or even celebrity gossip columns to have a great getaway from the turbulent life. You find it hard to read a book you can also opt for the audiobook option and get your daily dose of book reading.

5. Interact with other Family Members

The ideal situation will be to sit alone, relax and chill while nursing the baby but it’s also a great time to catch up on the other members of the family. Use the nursing time to talk to your other children, spend some quality time with your partner or play with your pet. Another benefit of this will be gaining confidence around other people. Interacting with family members all the while nursing the baby will give you a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that you’re there up-to-date with all the people and won’t feel left out.

6.  Listen to Music

 Well I love to hear music and after listening to a couple of my favourite numbers I get all geared up and revitalized. If you’re like me, then go ahead, pop up those air pods and listen to your preferred numbers in order to keep you going all day long.


I hope doing these things while nursing the baby won’t make you feel stuck, fidgety and impractical. Be the multitasking mama and conquer the world!

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