5 best wedding rings for Gay couples in London

Since the jewellery industry majorly focuses on making jewellery items for women, shopping for wedding rings for gay couples can be quite disappointing. Till a few years back, wedding or engagement rings for gay couples was unheard of. Now that the boundaries of inclusivity are increasing, the jewellery brands are also joining the bandwagon to design rings for gay couples. Several ring design have been introduced to cater to the tastes of gay couples with more unique designs on the way. These advances in the jewellery sector has made shopping for rings easier for gay men but hasn’t reduced the excitement associated with it. Listed below are some of the popular wedding rings for gay couples.

Textured wedding bands

Simple metal wedding bands with a textured finish can look great on the fingers of men. The most popular texture is the hammered finish texture on a rose gold metal, but you can also choose to have a different texture such as matte finish or brushed finish. You can also opt for an intricate design of your choice or something meaningful like your partners’ name to be carved into the metal band.

Stone wedding band

Wedding bands for gay couples can have diamond stones which are either placed next to each other on the top of the ring or are evenly spaced out and placed all around the circumference of the ring.These stones can be surrounded by a row of tiny diamonds similar to the hidden halo engagement rings UK. This design allows you to customize it according to your choice. A simple platinum band with blue sapphires embedded in it makes for a beautiful ring for gay couples.

Inlay wedding band

Inlay wedding bands are one of the most elegant choices of rings when it comes to men. These wedding bands are made of two rings of the same metal sandwiching a third ring of a different metal between them. This can be done as vertical stripes or as circular stripe running along the circumference of the ring. You can choose two different metals for this design or opt for a different material like wood for a more earthy finish to the ring.

Eternity bands

Eternity bands are those rings which have a line of tiny diamonds all along the perimeter of the ring. They signify eternal love and are hence a great choice for weddings. You can have a thin band of diamonds for a ring or you can choose a thick band with a thin line of diamonds running in the middle for a more subtle look. You can also choose to have a row of tiny colored stones instead of colorless diamonds.

MokumeGane rings

MokumeGane is Japanese technique of metal working that produces a mixed metal laminate having unique patterns. This technique has been used to create rings with different metal patterns which looks catchy and unique. This design has become an instant hit with the gay couples and a wide variety of it is available among the Wedding Rings Hatton Garden.

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