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File sharing is very important for any business to communicate and send important files to employees and clients. Many companies are using these modern technologies to get successful. File sharing is never easier to do but many software are easy to download and are easy to use.

The COVID pandemic taught us that your old business techniques are not working. Therefore, if you want to grow a successful business you have to use modern techniques that can easily grow your business. File sharing for business is a very important technique for organizations.

Why File Sharing For Business Technique is Important

At an earlier age, some companies used to send files the old way. With fax machines and sending them to the other clients. Fax machines were so slow and old-fashioned. Paper was being wasted because fax machines used paper and to save the wastage of paper many organizations introduced the method of cloud file sharing for business. Cloud storage is very successful and very secure. Cloud computing is very important in modern technology because AI is very smart and can secure your information.

Best File Sharing Software Programs

Some software can be used to transfer files to many employees and clients that are available worldwide. Here is some software that is available for the company to share files and that is using an instant file sharing feature to send the file on the go.


It is a file manager that is available to store files and transfer files as well. Cloud computing is used in the development of this software. Cloud storage can easily make your file secure on the cloud and users can easily transfer them with the shareable link. File.com account includes storage space for files. However,  users can also use to share links with anyone.


The cloud-based app makes uploading fast and makes the file more secured on the cloud storage. Supports a single interface to manage multiple cloud storage solutions which is great for business to save multiple files on storage. It allows PCI/HIPPA files so the data is more flexible on the cloud.


There is no on-premises version.

File Whopper

File whopper is a file-sharing service that is little alternative to other services. It is a pay-as-you-go file transfer service that use to send large files. If you want to send a large file just upload it to the file whopper system and then send the downloadable link to the correspondent. You pay a pee for each file u saved on the cloud based on the file size and the File Whopper service includes a utility to upload files.  The file can stay on the File Whopper server forever. The file is resident on File Whopper for 14 days and it will be deleted if no one accesses it.


Allow secure and audible file sharing to third parties. Files are available after transfer for 14 days.


The sender must buy additional downloads if files are being shared with more than one person.

Dropbox Business

It is one of the most secure cloud storage. Cloud storage is a very secure file-sharing tool that allows users to store digital files in one location. Users can access Dropbox from any device. Anytime a user adds or removes the file from the storage the changes will be automatically synced across all your devices. The cloud file sharing feature is very good for sending files to multiple users.


Can automatically sync all the files across multiple devices. Flexible monthly price plans.


The file syncing method can be a little tough and it slows the system while the files are being synced.

Google Drive

It is one of the fast and top cloud storage services. Therefore, free storage for personal use is available, the first 15GB of storage is free. With this users can access the information from their computer, smarphone, or tablet no matter where they are located.


It offers the first 15 GB for small businesses to start. The pricing packages are not very complex and flexible.



Offline access is only available on the Google chrome browser. Some organizations don’t like to be dependent on Google drive.

OneDrive Business

It is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft windows. Users can store files and access them from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. For collobration, OneDrive allows you the method of instant file sharing that is very good for large teams. OneDrive allows users to send photos, videos, and documents on the go.


OneDrive is very simple and easy to use for both large and small teams. Mobile document scanning works brilliantly for teams on the move.


Microsoft is one of the most targeted platforms by hackers. collaborative options are not easy to use as other solutions.

Final Thoughts

Many other file-sharing tools are used in transferring files to clients. File sharing for business has made business easy to do because there is no point in finding storage closets in the office. Your files are being stored on the cloud and these can be accessed easily from the cloud.

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