5 Affordable Pakistani Clothing Brands For Women

Despite Pakistan’s rather conservative system, the fashion industry is seeing quite a change in Pakistan, with an increasing number of young artists entering this profession and opening retail shops. We have made significant progress in Pakistan when it comes to fashion and media, and we have some great clothing outlets at our disposal.

Following are five of the most affordable and indeed, the nicest clothing brands in Pakistan to date, which offer not only great quality and design but are also affordable Pakistani clothing brands, even in a highly segregated society like Pakistan. So check it out and don’t miss the opportunity to save a little money while also getting the best.

  1. House Of Faiza
    House of Faiza, which was established in 2017, has quickly gained a reputation as the world’s leading online destination for high-end Pakistani fashion. It’s not just a business; it’s their passion. Their aim, whether it’s pret-a-porter or haute-couture, is to help customers look their best, whatever the season. Its passionate team is dedicated to obtaining the best collections from Pakistan’s top fashion designers and brands, delivering everything under one roof. Their goal is to provide their valued customers with the widest selection, most choices, and paramount online shopping experience possible.
    In the world of prêt fashion, Zainab Chottani’s clothing has been described as a breath of fresh air and as unique and refreshing. As an award-winning designer of Pakistani womenswear, Zainab Chottani creates designs that are both intricate and modest, modern and traditional, combining luxury and simplicity into one of the most sought-after collections on the global market.
    With its rich heritage and stunning designs, A-Meenah clothing has taken the Pakistani fashion world by storm since it was founded in 2017. A-Meenah creates classic styles with modern accents that appeal to everyone, with a commitment to quality and exceptional craftsmanship every time. Fashion lovers around the world look forward to A-Meenah clothing, showcasing their ability to span continents with their Pakistani-British style.
    As a leading fashion brand for women, Sobia Nazir combines innovation and quality in their fashions whilst making them affordable and stylish. In the Sobia Nazir UK collection here on House of Faiza, we are utilizing sequins, crystals, stones, and gorgeous gems to create truly unique pieces, often adding a touch of bright color to tweak a more traditional design. Shop Sobia Nazir online and find the latest Pakistani women’s fashion right at your fingertips with the latest collections of Sobia Nazir.
  5. MARIA.B.
    The name Maria B is one of the most famous in the world – and it’s easy to understand why it’s been dubbed “the Coco Chanel of Pakistan”. She has created exquisite outfits ranging from prêt-a-porter to couture and formal wear to lawn and children’s clothing, each one showcasing the artistic ability she is known for. You can always rely on Maria B fashion for cutting-edge fashion and elegant designs encompassing expert patterning atop exquisite fabrics for the best in Pakistani fashion.

These are five great choices when it comes to finding affordable Pakistani Clothing Brands. Which is your favorite?

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