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Customer support executives heavily use call center training software as a job of their day-to-day routine. As you know, you need effective call center outsourcing solutions that allows your service team to do their best work. 

So, if you are a customer support executive looking for the best call center software in India for your company, this blog is for you. 

Intelligent Call Routing Features

Intelligent call routing

Intelligent call routing (ICR) is one of the most common features optimized by businesses to manage their incoming phone calls. The business telecom innovation is designed to increase the efficiency of automated call management and improve the customer experience for callers.

The state of art call routing software offers businesses the ability to handle high call volumes with accuracy and speed. Software with this feature gathers information from the caller and then transfers the call to the appropriate department. 

Software for Intelligent Inbound Call Routing

Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty 

Every inbound call is routed to the appropriate agent at the appropriate time, with customer information sent to the agent’s desktop automatically. Your agents can quickly resolve the issues and ensure each interaction is personalized by leveraging data from your IVR, CRM, omnichannel routing, and other software.

Identify Callers with Caller IDs

Caller ID

Intelligent skill-based routing matches callers to the right agents. Your callers are directed to agents based on the agent’s skills and experience to help ensure the issue is resolved in the first call. Caller ID software enables agents who receive incoming calls to identify the caller before answering the call and helps agents prepare a personalized customer service.

Integrations with leading CRMs


Integrating call center solutions with CRM systems helps businesses that operate on-premise call center solutions with their inbound call centers gain valuable information about callers before agents answer the calls. With CTI screen pops, customer details are displayed on the agent’s screen to create a personalized call experience.

IVR and ACD Integration

IVR and ACD integration 

Utilize customer data gathered via IVR to efficiently and effectively route calls to agents via ACD. Integration between IVR and ACD ensures that customers don’t have to repeat their concerns and details, resulting in a better customer experience.

Software for Intelligent Outbound Calling

Outbound call center software 

Best outbound calling software is backed by intelligent outbound dialers and powerful outbound call center features that boost customer engagement and connect rate. Outbound call center software is typically optimized by telemarketers, telesales, collections, and more.

Outbound call center software simplifies and boosts outbound campaigns by automating dialing, filtering answering machines while providing the agents with an option to click to dial a contact number. Businesses opt for cloud-based or on-premise call center solutions for outbound campaigns to increase agent productivity, call center operations, and connect rates.

Increase Call Connects with Auto Dialers

Auto dialers 

The productivity of a company’s outbound campaigns depends on the number of connected calls and agent talk time. There are various constraints like call waiting, unanswered calls, and more that can hamper productivity. 

Autodialer software helps you automate the calling process by incorporating intelligence into the dialing process to increase operational efficiency while reducing call drop rates. 

Decrease Agent’s Idle Time

Decrease agents idle time

Increase your agent’s productivity while ensuring high call connect rates using predictive dialer software. It determines when the agent will be free to take the call based on configurable dialer algorithms. It automatically dials out numbers from the set lead list to reduce agent efforts while increasing their productivity. 

Informed Conversations using Preview Dialer

Preview dialer 

A preview dialer displays the customer information on the agent’s screen before a call is connected, which allows your agents or telemarketers to view essential customer information to have informed conversations. 

Preview dialer provides your agents with time to get acquainted with the customer and tweak their sales pitch accordingly. This software is particularly useful when the list contains high-value prospects or existing customers.

Automate Agent Assignments

Automate agent assignment 

Outbound call center software allows you to manage multiple dialing processes or campaigns simultaneously. You can create, delete, or modify campaigns with a single click to ensure optimum utilization of your call center dialer.

By automating agent assignments across campaigns, outbound agents won’t have to select campaigns to proceed with their work manually. They can auto-direct towards specific campaigns and queues assigned to them, which improves productivity and reduces the scope of human error.

Agent Productivity with Unified Desktop

Unified desktop

Equip your agents with the right call center software to work smartly and avoid mundane manual tasks to focus more on customer interactions. Agents can manage multiple tasks like call handling, accessing customer information within a single window to reduce agent handling time with a unified desktop. Additional features like voicemail drop and callback scheduling enable agents to be more productive by reducing idle time.

Eliminate Manual Dialing with Click-to-Call

Click to call

Improve your agent’s efficiency by using click-to-call software that allows your agents to pull customer data from your CRM or other third-party systems while enabling agents to click on the number to make an outbound call. It frees your agents from the misery of manually dialing the contact numbers.

Conversation Context with CTI Integration

CTI integration

Facilitate your agents to comprehensively view our customer journey with seamless integration with leading CRMs or customer support systems. Agents can drive better and more personalized interaction with outbound call center software once they know the context and view the information from every touchpoint in one go. Smooth CTI integration helps enhance the first call resolution rate for improving customer satisfaction.

Track Metrics and KPIs in Real-Time

Track KPIs

Have better control of outbound calls and get real-time insights into connect rates, call volumes, and more with reports software. Reports and dashboards will help you make better decisions regarding resource allocation and campaign management.

As a customer support executive, you can prioritize your customer’s data on the lead level using lead level filters, eliminating the need to create multiple campaigns. Live data metrics like the number of active calls, calls in queue, agents on calls, and more help foresee operational changes and plan accordingly. 

Quality Monitoring with Call Center Management Software

Call center management software

Call center management software incorporates various monitoring tools that help you track overall operations and productivity. Making informed business decisions and improved strategies are the direct results of quality monitoring.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring

Real-time call monitoring software allows you to monitor your agent’s performance to maintain quality standards. This software comes with capabilities like mute, whisper, and barge-in to ensure managers’ data-driven feedback and lead to enhanced customer experience. 

Call Scoring

Call scoring

Evaluate your agent’s performance based on important call center metrics and various quality parameters with call scoring capabilities. You can listen to call recordings, filter the call details based on assigned color codes, and identify which calls haven’t been evaluated. Extract agent scoreboards as reports to track your agent’s performance and provide well-informed feedback to the agents. 

Call Recording

Call recording 

The call recording feature allows you to keep a log of call history records in a voice logger for six months and archived for several years. You can quickly search through your voice records while enabling you to listen to call recordings with a single player.

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting 

Get a comprehensive view of business-specific operation metrics, various metrics, and more with performance reporting software. The graphical presentation of all these metrics is available on dashboards.

Use the leading call center software to help you create winning customer service strategies and provide excellent customer support that turns unhappy customers into loyal customers.

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