10 vintage themes for your wedding invitations


The word vintage is a generic name that we tend to put all the sauces! So you might as well season it correctly on your wedding invitations, by associating it with a theme that can correspond to this idea of ​​a retro atmosphere.

It’s not because of vintage rules in the field of decoration that you cannot impose your own rules on it, especially on a day as special as your wedding day! In this article, you will discover that the idea of ​​vintage can be associated with a very large number of universes, which will allow each couple to design retro invitations in perfect harmony with the desired wedding atmosphere. To your notebooks!

  1. Old-school advertising

Old advertising posters are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for graphic designers, and for you who are getting married in a few months and plan to put vintage in the spotlight at your reception.

For the aesthetics of your invitations, why not take inspiration from old-school food and drink ads? Their comical staging and retro tones will lend themselves well to the composition of a vintage wedding invitation.

  1. Vintage and…guinguette

It was in the suburbs of Paris that the guinguettes, small popular cabarets, flourished during the 19th century, establishments serving food and organizing very popular balls.

This bucolic theme goes perfectly with the idea of ​​a vintage announcement, where on a kraft paper base you can deploy symbols of the guinguette such as lanterns, pennants and other garlands, a boater’s hat, a gingham pattern, lace.

  1. Newspaper announcement

The Gazette is a newspaper, generally devoted to news and facts about society. This slightly outdated term refers to the idea of ​​old-time newspapers, entirely in black and white and distributed by hand in the street.

This type of publication can give rise to an original vintage announcement, presenting itself as a gazette on yellowed paper which will reinforce the retro aspect, where the announcement of your wedding invite will take center stage, with a photo of the couple in support.

  1. “old Paris” theme

It is undoubtedly the old postcards, some of which are collected, that best transcribe the atmosphere of Paris in the 1900s and the dust. Immerse yourself, for example, in these reproductions for the design of your invitations.

This idea of ​​“old Paris” brings together all sorts of options. You can also turn to a belle epoque or roaring twenties style according to your preferences. Other symbols such as the eiffel tower, art nouveau metro panels, period lampposts, or a gramophone are also welcome.

  1. Art deco announcement

There are many retro styles, more or less close to us, from which you can draw distinctive elements to give style to your vintage wedding invitations.Art deco refers to an artistic movement from the 1910s to the 1930s, characterized by its sobriety, its taste for symmetry and geometric shapes, its ironwork, garlands, and baskets carved with flowers and fruits, so many patterns to take on your own.

  1. Seventies retro announcement

Embrace a vintage wedding theme steeped in 1970s sour sauce, featuring disco balls, pop colors, psychedelic patterns, volkswagen vans, and other hippie symbols. You who dream of a peace and love wedding in bright colors will appreciate seventies announcements.

  1. Medieval theme

Another era, another atmosphere, with here a theme for history buffs and especially medieval times. Your wedding invitations in parchment form, with a red wax seal, gothic letters, coats of arms, dragons and other fantastic beasts, swords, and knights’ equipment. Your guests will know where they are setting foot!

  1. Vintage and…travel

Go back in time by taking your guests on the journeys of the great explorers, Christopher Columbus, Marco polo, James cook, etc. A vintage flower wedding invitation on the theme of travel is possible by using old navigation maps and adding here and there a compass or a compass, enough to offer a real change of scenery.

  1. Cinema invite

Cinema is an old invention that dates back to the end of the 19th century, and a theme conducive to making a vintage announcement for all lovers of the 7th art. A retro cinema ticket, a black and white poster, a film, and a cinema clapperboard, are all objects to divert as an announcement.

  1. Retro sports theme

Fans of sports competitions can be reassured, that the vintage spirit is also compatible with their all-consuming passion! Here, we can rely on the aesthetics of old sports equipment: a stitched leather rugby ball, wooden tennis rackets, cricket equipment, basque pelota, or a circus tent.


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